The most complicated and time-consuming part of festival waste management is the removal of discarded cigarette butts. These little pockets of poison are often hard to find and definitely very hard to gather. One cigarette butt contains enough hazardous material to poison 2 liters of groundwater when left on the ground or worse, gets into a lake or river.


According to our calculations, a festival of 4 days with 5000 visitors produces around 100.000 cigarette butts, which is equivalent to 100kg. Not only is this a huge amount, but also the nature of smoking is making containment difficult, since people are smoking everywhere and not only next to an ashtray. This is the reason why after many years of thought we came to realize, that mobile behaviour requires mobile infrastructure, hence the POASH.


The idea is almost as old as festivals themselves. We have come across this solution already in 2005, however there is sufficient evidence that the original idea dates back into the mid 90’s. When we started our waste management project we were surprised to see that most festivals have never even heard about this approach. That’s why we made it our goal to advertise this solution and make sure that festivals have affordable access to this vital piece of infrastructure.


The small plastic tubes are handy and fit into every pocket or can be conveniently attached to belt bags and backpacks. Thanks to the thickness of the material, cigarettes can be put in while still burning, since after closing the oxygen runs out within seconds and the cigarette goes out by itself. This is especially important in dry environment where a single spark could start a wildfire.


The POASH comes in many different colours and 2 different sizes. The body as well as the cap can be printed with text and/or the logo of the event, giving it a more personal touch, while the cost of this little festival aid stays low. To our knowledge there is no other device in existence that fulfils all the mayor requirements: small, fire-proof (in regard to cigarette amber), smell-proof, indestructible and cheap.