Psyclean takes full responsibility
for creating sustainable
& state-of-the-art waste management
solutions for open-air events.

This involves volunteer management, dedicated infrastructure and of course the know-how to put all of this together, resulting in some of the cleanest festival experiences in the world.

Here is how we do it!


The most important part is the human element, our team of volunteers. These unique beings are carefully chosen visitors of events we are working on. This way we are visitors and volunteers at the same time, parts of the family we care for, friends with those we want to convince not to through garbage into the forest or leave tents behind. Also, this way our team has new members on every event, which helps us spreading our message beyond the festival gates much quicker.


We try to work with our waste bins, which are either made of natural materials to fit better into the surroundings or are made of recycled material to raise awareness about left- behind tents. They are hand-made, user-friendly and in some cases even illuminated.


To enable our crew in doing a good job, we equip them as good as possible. Starting with team shirts to get dirty, over trash-picking tools to maintain a healthy posture, all the way to a huge community area where we can come together after a long day… Psyclean is always aiming to provide all circumstances for everybody to do it right.


Tackling the issue of cigarette waste is one of the most urgent waste management issues in the world. Since smoking is a mobile behavior, we would like to empower smokers with mobile infrastructure. The PoAsh – short for Pocket Ashtray – is a smell-proof, amber-proof and indestructible little gadget, that gives smokers the opportunity to dispose of their cigarette butts in a conscious manner. It is provided by us to the festivals and is free of charge for every visitor.


One of our priorities is to decrease the environmental impact of festivals. Separating valuable raw materials like paper, aluminum, plastic and compostable waste is a big step towards this goal. The only way to do this properly is by hand, one piece at a time. Our bins are already divided into certain recyclable categories, so festival visitors can help by consciously putting their waste into the designated place.


Psyclean is about a wholesome approach towards the task of waste management. This involves physical setup just as much as behavioral psychology. Our core team is learning with every event more about how people perceive garbage and what the best ways of minimizing its impact to nature and our well-being are. This combination of mind and matter is what makes Psyclean successful and unique.

Festivals we worked with

Burning Mountain – CH 2013-2019
Vibe – CZ 2013
FunnyMoon – CZ 2013-2014
S.U.N – Solar United Natives – H 2013-2014
Transylvania Calling – RO 2013-2015
Sonica – IT 2014
Lost Theory – CRO 2015 & 2018
Summer Never Ends – CH 2015 & 2017

Psyfi – NL 2015-2019
Waldfrieden Hai in den Mai – D 2017-2019
Waldfrieden Wonderland – D 2017-2019
Own Spirit – ES 2017
Hadra – FR 2017-2018
Psychedelic Experience – D 2018-2019
Space Safari – BE 2018
Zurück zu den Wurzeln – D 2018-2019

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