We wanted to
become a foundation
for a long time already.

Most of our work is volunteer-based and we would like to extend our participation to all festivals, not just the ones which already have a volunteer project.
Help us reintroducing responsibility to society! ♥

April 2019


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In the future we would like to depend more on donations of the public we are working for. This way we have a better feedback about how much people actually want us to do what we do.
So yeah, in case you were wondering,
here is the button:

April 2019


Trust is a rare commodity and we would like to appreciate yours as much as possible. We count on people to help us funding our project. This also means, that we owe these people total insight into how their contributions were used. Same goes for all our partner festivals and government officials. For this reason we would like to introduce to you the Glass Wallet.

In this section you will find ALL OUR BANK STATEMENTS on one side, all our expenses on the other. We will upload all documents on our quarterly turns and do our best to make it as easy as possible to connect the + and the -. Please use the feedback button to let us know if you find something out of the ordinary or would like to comment on any of our expenses. Naturally we only consider feedback from our supporters, so no trolling please!

Psyclean has always been funded by its founder, Viktor Balogh and the festivals we participated in.
In 2018 we launched our first crowdfunding campaign to realize our community tent, with great success.


In order to do so we have already started planning a device, which makes it possible for festivals to not provide ANY garbage to their visitors. It is a complex and expensive undertaking and if successful the first of its kind. The basic idea is to provide reusable plates, cups, cutlery and serviettes to the visitors, which we will wash every day in the CleanCube. The technical realization is very tricky, yet possible, so stay tuned for updates as we go forward.

to become a foundation is to realize our biggest dream: the garbage-free festival!

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