The Psyclean Foundation
is the latest step in our organization's evolution.

Founded in 2019, it is meant to serve as an umbrella-organization for our upcoming and existing projects. Today it is managing “The Psyclean Crew”, our core business, but in the future we hope to extend its roll on the whole spectrum of sustainable festival organization. Our ambitions are various, reaching from the extension of our volunteer program, over the building of the “CleanCube”, all the way to the creation of the “European Sustainability Certificate” for all kinds of open-air events.

Mission Of The Foundation

We have chosen to be a foundation for several reasons: while the decision came mainly out of the necessity to legally hire volunteer workforce, transparency and the acceptance of donations were also a key element to becoming a foundation. Psyclean is not – and never has been – striving towards a financial goal. Our mission lies in education and the manifestation of values that will lead to the desired result of social responsibility regaining its vital place in our (festival) society. Only by dedicating ourselves to the idea that destruction isn’t necessarily a part of our recreational activities on open-air events, we can reach the “Critical Mass” of conscious individuals, which we believe is the key to diminish littering on festivals and consequently in all areas of society.

Our Main Projects In The Future


One of the best ways to prevent garbage is not to produce any in the first place. This seems like a hard call for open-air events, yet technology is catching up fast to turn this idea into reality. The CleanCube has been on our minds for many years now and although extensive research has already been done, the lack of funding and the pandemic have basically annihilated any progress. 

The idea is to build a 7,5t truck with industrial-grade dishwashers, equip it with durable polypropylene (100% recyclable) dishes, cups, cutlery and bottles and provide an on-site cleaning service for everything. Deposit systems have already been worked out, while preliminary blue prints and consultation with market leaders in dishwashing technology have revealed that the only thing standing in the way of realization is sufficient funding for the build. No secret though, the prize would be enormous, yet low operation costs and the profound impact both speak for the build of a prototype utilizing EU- and governmental funding as well as private grants from within the industry.

European Sustainability Certificate

One of the greatest difficulties Psyclean faces is the fact that professional waste management is neither obligatory, nor necessarily wanted. On most events, waste removal is the way to go, simply because it’s less effort, less complicated and most of all, more cost-efficient. However, this is comparing healing an illness with treating a symptom: only one of these approaches will actually have a beneficial effect mid- and long term. Knowing that for the most part the garbage-epidemic is the result of thinking cheap, The Psyclean Foundation has quickly come to the realization that one of the greatest issues we are facing as humanity today, cannot be dealt with by having cost-efficiency as a primary guideline. The need of highly educated professionals, carefully constructed processes and dedicated technology are indispensable for a task of this magnitude. 

The European Sustainability Certificate is therefore aimed at the collection and implementation of above mentioned criteria, providing not only an extensive network of professionals and vendors, but also warranting governmental subsidies in case of adhering to its guidelines as an event organizer. Benefits are two-fold: organizers have the choice of better products and services without derailing their budget, while governments have a direct oversight into harm reduction of open-air events. The Psyclean Foundation would consider it a privilege to serve as a hub, both physically and organizational to connect all the dots and also be present on these events to guarantee that all criteria have been met.

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In the future we would like to depend more on donations of the public we are working for. This way we have a better feedback about how much people actually want us to do what we do.
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to become a foundation is to realize our biggest dream: the garbage-free festival!

Trust is a rare commodity and we would like to appreciate yours as much as possible. We count on people to help us funding our project. This also means, that we owe total insight into how the contributions are being utilized. Same goes for all our partner festivals and government officials. For this reason, we would like to introduce our Glass Wallet.

In this section you will find ALL OUR BANK STATEMENTS on one side, all our expenses on the other. We will upload all documents on our quarterly turns (Starting with Q4 2019) and do our best to make it as easy as possible to connect the + and the -. For privacy reasons, some of the personal details have been redacted. Should you wish to file an official inquiry through a legal representative bound by lawyer confidentiality, we are happy to provide them with all original documents. 

Please use the feedback button to let us know if you found something out of the ordinary or would like to comment on any of our expenses. 

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