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We started our initiative in 2013 after having observed for many years that littering on festivals has become a common issue. Finding it unacceptable, we've decided to put an end to this alarming trend.

Since then, the PsyClean Crew project has involved more than 200 volunteers, who have offered their time and passion to spread our philosophy among thousands of party animals. Read more

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Burneeeers, listen up!

The PsyClean Crew is back again in the beautiful Swiss mountains. We are happy to be welcomed for the 6th time to Burning Mountain Festival. After last years amazing result and unforgetabble experience, we are opening the registration for those lucky few, who can be part of the PsyClean mission in this unique environment. Come and help us to create the vibe for a truly psychedelic event!

We are inviting you to be part of this adventureand make Burning Mountain Festival a wonderful and unforgettable experience. However, let us not forget that we are coming here with a purpose… a dedication to do everything in our power to realize a zero-garbage festival. This task comes with many benefits, but also involves diligence and willingness to put yourself on the line for this dream.

The PsyClean Crew is the team responsible to setup and maintain the festivals whole garbage infrastructure. That means putting up the waste stations, changing the bags and help separating aluminum and plastic resources. We are also responsible to pick up all the trash that has been misplaced on the ground and in the forest.
You think you’re up for it? Awesome! Here is how it goes:

How to apply
We are selecting every member of our team personally. If you are interested, please go to our website and fill out the form:

After that we will get in touch with you and if we liked your application, we will ask you to go ahead and buy your presale ticket. All PsyClean volunteers have to have a presale ticket to ensure their place in the team.

Working times
Volunteers of The PsyClean Crew have to arrive 1 full day in advance (latest 26th June in the evening), work 5 hours every day during the festival and stay for 2 full days after the festival to help with the cleanup effort. During the festival we work in shifts, starting 5 a.m. and finishing 1 a.m. It is possible to stay longer and help us in giving back the venue to the nature in a proper way. Volunteers who stay longer will receive formidable compensation for their dedication.

Working method
The PsyClean Crew is NOT a garbage picking team! Our goal is to apply certain psychological methods and dedicated infrastructure to keep people from littering. This involves well, custom-made garbage bins, distribution of pocket ashtrays (free for every visitor) and the subtle requests of our volunteers towards littering individuals, not to through their trash on the ground. However, picking up the few discarded things on the venue is also part of the job. We can say with the experience of 5 years and ~30 festivals: if it’s clean, keeping it clean is easy! 😉

Working tools
We will provide you with everything you need: gloves, bags, picking tools and of course the famous orange PsyClean shirts.

The PsyClean Crew has its own private campsite. We will provide a shady and rain-proof community area with nice sitting places, unlimited access to electricity and drinking water.
However, you still need to bring your own tent, sleeping bag and other camping stuff you need for 1 week of festival. Sleeping in the community area is not possible.

What else will you need
Although some members of our team speak German, it would be beneficial to speak a little English. Our team is usually made up from people all over the globe, so it’s handy if you can communicate with everyone. Also most instructions and conversations will be conducted in English.

Please keep in mind: we are in the Swiss Mountains! This means hot days and cold nights, with temperatures ranging from 15-30°C in the day and 15-5°C in the night. Please bring good, water-proof shoes and warm clothes, as well as a rain-proof jacket.
Other things you will need: headlamp with rechargeable batteries (you can always charge in the camper), your favorite snacks, warm socks and a big smile! 🙂

What you are getting in return
All PsyClean volunteers receive 2 full meals per day during the festival and 3 full meals on the days before and after the festival. Above that we are giving out free drinks to the truly diligent ones!
After completing the whole mission, on the evening of the 2nd day after the festival every team member receives a complete refund of their presale ticket (ticket fee excluded). If you stay longer, the festival will compensate you for your time.
The PsyClean camp is situated in a comfortable distance to the festival. You will receive unlimited drinking water, electricity and a nice place to come together.
Last, but not least: you will have a chance to experience firsthand what it means to be a superhero! Be prepared to receive lots o love from organizers, DJs and audience alike, as well as seeing your work having an extraordinary effect on the people around you.

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The PsyClean Crew at Burning Mountain Festival 2018

June 26, 2018, 10:00am - July 4, 2018, 9:00am

Burneeeers, listen up!

The PsyClean Crew is back again in the beautiful Swiss mountains. We are happy to be welcomed for the 6th time to Burning Mountain Festival. After last years amazing result and...

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